New paper in Linguistics Vanguard

My paper, "The Syntax-prosody interface: Current theoretical approaches and outstanding questions", has just appeared in Linguistics Vanguard! The paper provides a short overview of the syntax-prosody interface, aimed primarily at a theoretical audience. The paper can be found here.

MOT 2018

I gave a talk "Re-examining default-to-opposite stress in Kwak'wala: An approach using Harmonic Serialism" at the Montréal-Ottawa-Toronto workshop on Phonology/Phonetics at McMaster University, March 24-25, 2018. The conference website can be found here.


I gave the keynote talk, Patterns of Prosodic Prominence in Kwak'wala, at UTASCILT (the University of Texas Arlington Student Conference on Linguistics and TESOL), which was held in Arlington, Texas on March 1 and 2. The conference page can be found here.